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We at Sofiya Clinic have a dedicated department to offer health care services to comprehensive treatment for all your Ear, Nose and Throat related ailments. Our Department of ENT is a full-fledged super speciality centre which is well equipped with high tech equipments to provide the best treatment for ear, nose & throat diseases in affordable and easily accessible manner. We are always ready to meet the health care requirements associated with Ear, Nose and Throat. Our aim is to make available the best ENT treatments to our patients besides the routine surgery for sinus, ear, nose & throat.

We are offering a comprehensive range of ENT services that includes:

  • Surgical uvulopalatopharyngoplasty for Obstructive Sleep Apnoea
  • Diagnostic & therapeutic endoscopic surgery
    • Micro ear surgery for myringoplasty, tympanoplasty, stapedectomy, facial nerve decompression and grafting
    • Endolymphatic sac surgery
  • Rhinoplasty and Septal Surgery
  • Hearing aid, speech therapy
  • Tympanometery

We are recognized amongst the best and the largest private Ear, Nose & Throat Hospitals (ENT) in India. Our services are recognized for best health care and treatments whereby patients are given in the hands of eminent surgeons and skilled staff offering their exceptional health checks services in a friendly atmosphere. Situated in Goa, we are a multi-specialty Hospital organization having fully functional operation theaters treating various ENT & Head and Neck Operations.

Our team of hard working and motivated individuals works with a concentric aim of offering quality health services to our patients. We offer myriad of health services in our ENT department owing to ?Hearing Aid Laboratory, Smell Test, 24 hours pH monitoring, Allergic testing, Speech Therapy, Sleep Study Laboratory, Video Endoscopy, Electrocardiograms, Radiology, Audiometry and various such.

Our team of health care professionals are qualified surgeons working i coordination with care managers and other staff members to give best treatment to the patients and prosper a friendly treatment atmosphere.

We cover all the aspects of ENT surgery from very basic to the most advanced one, we carry out the largest number of surgeries. We work in consultation to our patient and our Onco-Surgeons and Plastic Surgeons to treat the ailment and undertake every aspect of Head & Neck surgeries successfully. Our team of health care professionals are available round the corner to offer best patient care services. Our patients are always under expert supervision so as to prevent any kind of problem. Our dedicated team of health care staff makes sure that you are supplied with whatever you need.

We are renowned for offering best ENT care services, assessment and rehabilitation and consistently aim at offering quality services to the patients.


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