Respiratory Care Services at Sofiya Clinic is a division of Anaesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine. We have a well equipped department for respiratory care services to offer health care in three specialized areas owing to paediatric critical care, Adult critical care and neonatal critical care. The division consists of health care managers, clinical coordinators, technical directors, an equipment specialist, ECMO coordinator and specialist, quality and safety coordinator and equipment technicians.

Our Respiratory Services Include:

  • Nebulized breathing treatments
  • Metered dose inhaler (MDI) treatments
  • Chest physiotherapy
  • Oxygen therapy
  • Intermittent positive pressure breathing treatments
  • Acute / Chronic respiratory failure
  • Acute Lung Injury (ALI or ARDS)
  • Management of Resistant Pulmonary Tuberculosis
  • Spirometery
  • Sleep study & Sleep Apnoea Management

At Sofiya Clinic we offer intensive health care services in our care units, intermediate care areas and emergency departments. We have professional transport teams, trauma teams, rapid response teams and cardiopulmonary arrest teams. Our hospital has earned recognised name in excellent patient care and groundbreaking discoveries in respiratory care that take place every day.

Our team of Respiratory Care Practitioners (RCPs) at Sofiya Clinic play an integral part in providing highest quality health care services to patients in prevention, diagnosis and treatment of human illness. Our team works with a primary goal to be the leading health care institution in the application of discoveries in various fields. Our professionals and health care experts operate cooperatively and interdependently with the other members of Sofiya Clinic in research development into the causes and treatment of breathing ailments.

We have a supportive team of physicians and other health care professionals possessing greatest health care skills and highest character. We aim to present amenities and facilities to encourage premier quality care, enhance the surrounding community and afford solace.

Our team of skilled pulmonologists and respiratory therapists provide diagnostic testing and therapy for patients with acute and chronic respiratory problems. Our range of Respiratory Services provides the best practice treatments and latest technology in respiratory care for patients. Our respiratory therapists work dedicatedly to ensure patient?s respiratory well being and that we cater to your individual needs to provide a unique service.

Our team works closely with patient and patient?s referring physician to ensure that our services meet your individual needs. Our team of licensed therapists offers highest level of health care that goes beyond basic delivery and setup. Our health care professionals ensure your better respiratory health by involving you and your family in answering specific questions regarding your condition, giving you individualized instructions and formulating some care tips and reviewing procedures of your treatment. We also adopt some comprehensive approach to use of your specific home oxygen equipments in case of emergencies in consultation to your referring physician.

Our respiratory department doctors try to spend time with the patients discussing about their respiratory status and the best use of MDIs, nebulizers spacers and peak flow meters.


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